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Hey guys! as some of the more active people on this forum know, I am nearing the end of my first lure! But first, I have to seal it before I paint it.

What should I use to seal it? I don't want to thin anything out. Is sealing a process I can do by just dunking it in something and then letting it dry? I don't have a rotational dryer either. I am using Rattle can spray paint no airbrush for painting. But I need to know what to seal my wood lure with.

Also, I need to get a bill yet for it. Any Reccomendations? I want it to run pretty shallow.

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Here are a couple you can use, you can dip or brush on and hang to dry. If you dip, allow at least twice the dry time. The one thing I would suggest is if you are drip drying is screw a small eye screw in both the nose and tail leaving several threads exposed. The nose to hang from and the tail to allow the sealer to run off of not pooling at the tail.

Also sand and seal at least twice, any blemishes not seen with the naked eye will show up in your painting process. ie... dips scratches or pitted areas.



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