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Alumilite Rc-3 Basecoat

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I have poured some Alumilite RC-3 test lures, tried foam but didn't find it best for my purpose.

I poured, did very minor flash removal around wire through, washed in soap and water, waited a day or so before painting and base coated with white createx. Paint did not stick well.

I have read in the forums that you can spray createx directly to RC-3

Wash with soap and water. Run through dish washer. Soak in boiling soapy water

Wipe with denatured alchol.


wait 5 days before painting

I am willing to do what it takes but these will be semi mass produced and need to be good. Clear coat will most likely be etex.

I am a bit confused as to what I should do or what I didn't do.

From you guys that have used a lot of RC-3, what is your Procedure?

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