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Catching - Fisherman Or Fish ?

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#41 donal


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Posted 28 October 2011 - 05:48 PM

basicly nobody has cracked the whole story yet or we would all use the same lure. when it comes to color difrent fish see them diferently and all are difrent to us. so an exact match on the deck of a boat is meaningless. coulors change at various depts for example you cant see red at depth without artifical light. ultraviolate is a pritty important coulor with lures but is rarly used becase the fisherman cant see it. visability changes color. refletion changes aparent color transparincy is a bit important. but even that is insignificant becase fish will only chase what it can catch as in its dying or slow ect, or anoyes them enough and provokes a responce. noise is a important to get right too

#42 ddl



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Posted 05 November 2011 - 05:42 AM

ultra realistic lure is simply not good compared to the regular colors
have a look at rapala website nothing really look lifelike and man they catch tons of fishs
as a musky angler i really enjoy firetiger ,strawberry,black sucker,white scales,nothing that really mimic baitfish colors

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Posted 05 November 2011 - 12:44 PM

Great thread! I couldn't help but notice no one had mentioned the way the lure looks as it's running. If you hold the lure by the bill and wiggle it back and forth, you will see a general pattern emerge. This pattern is what the crankbait really looks like to the fish. Intricate detail is lost with movement as the colors blend together. If you can see your details while you wiggle, then it's made a difference, if not, a waste of time. Even when paused or bouncing off cover, it's still moving or floating up. (it's like trying to see the blue ink on a rawlings baseball when it's pitched, all you can see is red/white) Unless it's a suspending bait that you stop for long pauses or crank slowly, then I can see where more intricate detailing would be important. This has been my experience anyway. I hate to be off topic, but does anyone have any white G10, I'm having a rough time finding any at all. Thanks!

CTs - re white G10: RayburnGuy sent me a crank that had very white opaque G10 and I think he said it came from McMaster-Carr. It was whiter than the G10 lips sold by Janns, etc, which are more translucent. The problem is this: you have to call and ask G10 providers about color before you order. Most of them stock G10 for electrical board builders, rocket hobbiests, etc, and so they don't care about color. I bought white G10 from ASP Rocketry.com for years and it was the only source I could find for small sheets. I recommended the source to several builders until one told me the sheets he got from ASP were not the white stuff anymore. ASP guys use it for rocket fins and usually paint them, so they don't care.

Note to crankbait component sellers: you could do worse than buy 4x8' white G10 sheets from a manufacturer and cut them into "hobby size" 12x12" sheets for resale to hobby and small scale crankbait builders. Mark me down for some in 1/32" thickness!