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Need an airbrush

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Got a flyer in the mail today, Harbor Freight

has the Paasche VL, 15 piece on sale for $49.99.

Item # 32371-4YGA.

Phone 1-800-423-2567


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Harbor Freight is great. B)

We have retail stores here and can go check out the stuff before buying.

They also have a model 1500.

Which is a um-*adger 150.

Or at least all the parts inter change.

Back handle is black and different shape.

Goes on sale for $19.99 all the time.

Comes as a kit small case ,2 needles,2 bottles,2 air adapters,

hose(vinal), wrench, holder, color cup, and an extra needle.

Only think I am not happy with is the tip clogs alot with water based paints.(cup not needle)

But this is a very fine tip that it comes with.

First double action I have bought, not as happy with it as the Paasche I have used in the past.

Doesn't fit my hand very well, to slender.

But it gets the job done.

( needed a real small patern this year and it was right for the budget at the time.)

They also have a cheap plastic match of the um-*adger 350.

Plastic but work great as the needles are brass.

Good unit to get a start with.

They go a sale for $4.99 all the time.

And this is for a kit.

Got a bunch of these for large paterns, when I am in a rush

to switch up colors.

Also have a HVLP from menards, top feed $19.99.

Very fine needle clogs up all the time.

Also have a cheapie that is suposed to hook to canned air.

Can not find it , think friend who I lent it to lost it, claims he never had it.

Tried to give me a broken badger 350 in its place, never owned one of those before. :censored:

And it took him like a year to give the two of them back to me. :pissed:

(Never again of course he did not clean my paasche HS worth crap, and I thought I was going to have to buy a new set. the 3 tips cost more than the set.)

But I think it would throw powered paint as good as one being sold out there.........$100 at (website).

Like $25.00 bucks with a can of air, got it at a flea market.

External mix with no needle, or tip, just kind of throws the paint.

By siphoning it up the tube from the bottle.

But would like to test the thing with powder if I can find it.

Really would like to test this but not going to buy a new one to try.

Main brush I use is the Paasche HS. :D

Main cool feature is the bottle screws on and can not fall off.

I do a lot of move ment when painting and it can not be beat for a external brush.

Also use alot of larger paint guns.

On thing that HF has is the powder paint system gun.

It uses static charge just like factorys do.

I do not like Powder so I have not tryed it.

Goes on sale for $59.99 all the time also.

But I have not tried it.

Also there compressors, great for the money.

One tip make sure it has adjustable pressure switches, not set tank automatics.

Also get a larger tank model, you will be more happy.

Plus you can use it for other things.

I use a 5hp 20 gal. and wish it had a larger tank.

I piped the entire building with 3/4 inch PVC and the garage also.

Lines have been tested to 300 psi.

Works great and no chance of rust in the lines.

Regular quick connects, a air brush adapter from HS for $.99 a the time. :wink:

Oh ya , only use the brass ones (connectors)you will be happier in the long run. :P

And I have a small pancake, but it does not adjust so it doesn't work well with the brushes as I would have liked but it runs nail guns real well.

I have been waiting for some one else to start this before I wrote all of this.

Next purchase is the Paasche Internal kit from HF, know I will like it because I have used it at a guys studio before.

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