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Texguy02    1

Been reading this forum for almost a year now and I finally joined and now Im addicted.

I made my very first set of cranks over the weekend. I got some Balsa wood from a local Hobby Lobby and i hand carved and sanded these over the weekend. I dipped them in some sanding sealer I had at the shop and now I need to put the hook hangers in put the lip in before I start my painting. (least I hope this is the right order)

Couple questions

1. Is standard 5 or 30 minute epoxy good for the hangers and lip or should I use some time of super glue with a fast drying agent added?

2. Has anyone ever tried the 30 minute epoxy from Hobby Lobby, if so how good is it? It was fairly cheap so I was wondering if it actually worked well?


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Epoxy is excellent for hook hangers and lips, the 30 min is a bit better option if you are patient, as it soaks into the balsa a bit more and provides more strength.

Havent used hobby lobby, but much of the epoxy packaged comes from same source no matter the label, and they are all basically the same make up.

I use Devcon 5 and 2 ton for most applications just because its an old trusted friend. but have been happy with other hobby bulk brands I bought too...

Welcome to your new addiction!

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mark poulson    1,680

I wouldn't use the Devcon 5 minute epoxy. It's "water resistant". The D2T is waterproof. I found that out the hard way when my twist wire hook hanger unscrewed itself from the back of one of my swimbaits, and I found the 5 minute epoxy had turned soft and punky.

Crazy glue will work fine for both the hook hangers and seating the lip. I use the gap filler Zap glue, so I have more working time to align the lip. Then I hit it with a squirt of their accelerant. The balsa will fail before the glue.

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Big Bass Man    88

Welcome to TU!!

I use the D2T for sealing in the lips and it works great. I then spread two thin coats of super glue all over the bait, to seal the wood. It has worked great for me so far!! I also dip the hook hangers in D2T, before putting them in.

I have seen the Hobby Lobby 30 min epoxy, but I have never tried it.

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