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Acrylic Painting?

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hi all im new to fourm and fairly new to tackle making only done lead molding and a little fly tieing. rod and reel repairs ect

im stating to paint my own tackle. well repaint all those ones that just dont work you know the ones obvious catch th fisherman colors. i realy want to use artist acrilic paints as there cheap and realy easy to get hold of i have tryed these before but found there not great. they are hard to get them to stick to metal (lead) and mold if the get wet. but i did not undercoat or seal them. im going to try these again this time with a proper under coat and dry really well then use a good enamil or exterier clear varnish so my questions finaly

1 is there any hope of this working i intened to use on (metal and plastic)

2. when striping old lures what should i use. standered paint striper or somthing else ?

3. under coat what should i use? the cheaper the better

4. best easy to get outer gloss seal

btw i simply cant aford a airbrush much as id like to

hope ye can help


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I have to include a disclaimer with my reply. I have not made any baits yet, but I do have twenty some odd years of professional woodworking experience under my belt.

Don't use a chemical stripper on your baits I'm sure you will do more damage than good. Sand them with sandpaper, this will clean them and give the surface a little tooth for your primer to stick to.

If your trying to get by inexpensively, undercoat or prime your baits with any primer you can get for a reasonable price. Paint them with your craft paints after the primer has cured well and then spray a cheap spray can clear coat on.

I know buying top quality epoxy and an airbrush and createx paint is ideal, but hey it's a hobby not a business make due with what you have and can afford and have fun, right.

I have seen some really nice craft painted lures here, go for it.

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Using varnish as a topcoat will drastically and amazingly change the original color of your lures due to yellowing. The lighter the color...the more it will appear to yellow. For example....your pearly whites will turn a bone color in just a matter of a couple of weeks.

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