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I drill my ballast holes so the weight is just below the surface of the wood. I then pull the ballast back out and add enough epoxy that the ballast will squeeze a little out and thus fill any voids left between the ballast and the sides of the hole. If the hole isn't fully filled to the top I add a little more epoxy until it's a little above the surface of the wood. After it sets up I just sand it down until everything is flush and smooth.

I don't make pvc lures so I'm not familiar with the best way to do those, but would think the same process would work with it as well.


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i use wood filler, but load it with some super glue before putting the bast in. I just fill the area with wood filler and sand it smooth. I make my ballasts using twisted wire and split shots, and leave as much wire twist as possible to anchor... this is the part I make sure to cover with super glue. I then coat with sealer. Haven't had any problems yet.

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