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Soft Plastic Cookbook

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Here's a couple:

1) "green fish"

- Add LC green pumpkin to plastic until the color is a very light green (not the darker, more opaque green pumpkin produced by more color)

-2 sizes black flakes...fine and med

-LARGE white flake...a more natural scale look than silver or holo flake

2) laminate bb

-LC green hi-lite powder added to plastic until color is opaque with green transference fo light/color...no flake, poured as the belly color

-Add black color until plastic is a "medium" smoke then a drop or two of watermelon or one of the "green" greens (emerald, etc)...fine green flake (lots) and medium black flake, poured as the back color

***can also pour this color as head-tail-belly...think I have a pic of this in my drop shot baits in the gallery...does a nice job of imitating the prominent black tips on a largemouth or kentucky tail

Hope it helps.

****Sorry for the lack of quantities but I mix colors by eye, not by count. Anyway, as soon as I start counting drops sure as the world I get that glob of color that inevitably squirts out. Or I drop the whole jar of flake in the pot LMAO.

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"Copper Melon"

1cup plastic

3drops watermelon

medium copper flake

small black flake

add a desired amount of copper pearl

This color is a light watermelon with copper highlights works great in clear water where alot of light hits the bait.

PS what colors are you favorite summer colors please list the rcipies

Thanks, Tm

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Purple Pearl

12 oz plastic

3/4 tsp White Pearl powder

6 drops violet grape

1 drop purple

red flake

blue flake

I use Calhoun's plastic and LC colors and pearl.

I can't remember how much flake I added, just add til it looks right.

This color looks good with a white pearl tail if you're pouring curly tail worms.

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Recipe from Big Z.

This is my new favorite color. We were catching fish on smoke, so I added a little highlight to it to spruce it up. The water is clear here, fish are deep and this color is working good.

6oz plastic.

3 drops MF black

~1/8 tsp. blue highlight.

large (.060) black flake. ( I like lots of it)

Reapers and creatures in this color are good dropshotted or carolina rigged.

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My red shad recipe for heavy salt baits is;

In 2 different cups, I use a 1/2 cup of salt in Pyrex cup then pour in calhoun plastic till it fills it to the one cup mark when the plastic is mixed good with the salt.

Then heat the 2 cups to 300 deg and add 4 tsp of softner and 1 tsp of heat staybilizer to each cup then continue heating to 350deg.

In one cup I add about 30 or more drops of LC black till I get a dark black color and I add about a 1/4 tsp of large red glitter, this is the top color.

In the other cup heated to 350deg. I add about 15 drops LC red and 4 drops black, then I add a 1/2 tsp large red glitter for the bottom part of the bait. This makes a bait that looks like this


Sorry it posted all the colors but at least you can see the red shad LOL

This has been my most successful color by far last year.

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Per oz of Calhouns Plastic

4 drops red

1 drop Aquamarine blue

1 drop Black Grape

1/8 tsp fine blue flake .008

1/8 tsp blue flake .015


raspberry ice color

6 oz ofr Calhoun's

6 drops of Del's black grape

7 drops of Del's red

1/2 tsp fine blue glitter (.002 craft store glitter)

1/4 tsp .035 holo silver glitter

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Recipe courtesy of TU member: BigZ


6oz of your favorite plastic.

3-5 drops LC Jet Black

Lumina Black powder (LC)

LC green highlight.

A lot of Senko Sam Holo string glitter

A little Senko Sam blue flake (TINY)

You'll have to eyeball the highlight colors to get it right, but I used more green than black powder, that Lumina stuff is pretty damn strong. I've done these using violet and blue highlight too, they look sweet.

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A color I stumbled across.

2 oz plastic of choice

2 drops LC Raspberry, or 1 drop if you want lighter

1/8 tsp Blue Hilite

Gives a real translucent pink with kind of a blue shimmer as you change the angle you are looking at it. I am going to use it to make some flukes and maybe on some two color pour worms.


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