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Soft Plastic Cookbook

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5 hours ago, Hanapa'a said:

My bad if i posted in the wrong forum. Its been a min sinve ive been on here

No worries.  It wasn't directed at any one person.  I'm sure there are members who just didn't know.  Thank you all for understanding.  :)

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On 8/16/2019 at 10:48 AM, keakar said:

fish only see shades of gray so the color is more to satisfy the fisherman then the fish

once you get like 2 ft down most colors look nothing like they did in your hand

find some color that catches fish for you and then try a few different shades of that to see if results are better or worse



Hold your plastic lure up to the lights in your kitchen and look through them. Thats about wat the fish sees.

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Hello, is there a pdf containing all the recipes? I got a pdf a couple years back but alot of the recipes seemed off and incomplete. Is there a updated pdf version out there with all the newer added recipes that someone can direct me in the directions to download? Thanks in advanced...

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5 hours ago, Famous Amos said:

Can you explain why my open poured silicone molds dont come out shiny except for the top of the bait?

Your posting this question in the wrong spot..  Ask in the Soft Plastics Thread below the Pinned topics.

 Anyway . put a very thin amount of Worm oil on the inside of mold before pouring. 


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