Sanding Down E-tec

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No worries. Just wanted to be sure what we were talking about before I started trying to answer any questions.

And the answer to your question is yes. You can sand out any runs, drips or sags. Just be sure not to sand all the way through to the paint or you will screw up the paint job. You also need to be sure that the Etex has fully cured. Waiting until it has fully cured will keep your sandpaper from clogging up and you can get a smoother finish if it's cured as well. After sanding the drip marks out you will need to apply another coat of Etex to get rid of any sanding marks left in the finish. And don't worry about getting it perfectly smooth. Once you apply the fresh coat of Etex it will hide any scratches left by the sanding process.

good luck,


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The Etex techie said to wipe the bait down with denatured alcohol before you recoat if it has already cured out. Fresh Etex , like 12 hours old, will bond to the next coat with no wiping needed.

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