Best Clear Coat For Bbz1 Swimbaits?

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joeb47130    10

Anyone got suggestions on what type of clear coat to use for Spro type BBZ1 swimbaits? Wanting something that won't pool up between the segments. Also, should I hang dry or use a wheel? Thanks for any suggestions.

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mark poulson    1,680

I would use a thin dipped coating, like a urethane, and not worry about the coating inside the joints. After each dipping coat dries, work the segments free, clean out any dangling top coat with an exacto knife and tweezers, and then dip again.

An auto clear might work, too, but I've never used one, so I don't know.

The main thing is not to add so much weight with your top coat that you change the buoyancy, or the action, of the lure.

The advantage of plastic lures is that the top coat doesn't have to provide any waterproofing protection for the lure body, only for the paint job.

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blazt*    2

You'd probably like Lurecraft Polysil. I think it's a urethane- it's mixed with a catalyst and you would need a graduated cylinder (cheap on ebay) to get the ratio exact. It's tough as hell, clear as water, high gloss, goes on thin as you like, easy to mix, brushable, dippable, sprayable with respirator, and when thinned down flashes off before it can crawl anywhere. Flexible enough to make any curve.

$25 hazmat fee to ship any quantity, but worth it.

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