What Is The Bull Shad Made Of?

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Hi guys,

I'm new here and in aww at the work(more like art) I've seen here, you guys are amazing!

I've been drawing lure designs, studying hydrodynamics and making clay prototypes for about a year and i'm now looking to take the next step. I'm looking around at different materials, and curious what material the Bull shad is made of? It looks to be a mold of some sort? I'm a big fan of this lure, I just haven't seen any other lure that seems to use this material.

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Awesome, thanks guys! I figured it was a resin of some sort but having never worked with a resin I wasn't sure.

@mark got some PVC board to try out, just haven't put a blade to it yet. Want to try and make a mold of my current 'clay lures' first.

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