First Hard Bait Pics, Tripple Top Water Plug

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Here is my first hard bait, a three piece top water plug. Everything went as planned on it, and it swims great (at least with the superglue coated test run I did). The only problem I had was epoxying in the rear hook mount, which was a Spro power swivel size 2, 230 pound test. some epoxy got into the swivel and it won't turn, though I guess that just makes it a rather pricey eyelet. Any tips on keeping this from happening?




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If possible, add after topcoat. Another idea, that just came to me now and is much more complicated. Dip the swivel in hot wax. After topcoating is done use a lighter to remove wax. Have no idea if this will work and even sounds hard. Not all my ideas are good ones.


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For me, slow is the key.

I try and drill the hole for the swivel just the depth I need, and no more.

Then I add a drop of the gap filling crazy glue, making sure it runs down the sides of the hole. I use a small piece of wire to coat the inside of the hole with the glue from the same drop, and slide the swivel in slowly.

I make the hole a little sloppy, so the air that's trapped can escape. The gap filling glue will take care of any voids.

Last, I keep the swivel facing up, and use the accelerant to set the glue up fast.

I try and twist the swivel at this point, to be sure it's free. If it seems to be sticking, I turn it to face the way a screw eye would face, and curse. Grrrrr!!!!!! Hahaha

I think I could get away with cutting off the loop of the swivel that's buried in the hole, or leaving it and ignoring it, and just gluing in the barrel of the swivel, since I use PVC and it holds really well.

If I'm making a wood lure, I coat the hole with runny crazy glue first, to reinforce the wood, and then glue in the swivel once the first glue has set. Just be sure and test fit the swivel after the first glue sets, so you can ream the hole if necessary to get an easy fit.

I've tried to remove swivels that froze after the glue had set, and the wire broke before I could get the swivel barrel back out. I wound up drilling another hole next to the loopless swivel, and adding another swivel, more carefully this time.

I know swivels help in big baits to cut down on the leverage a heavy bait provides when a fish shakes it's head, but I don't use swivels on cranks and topwaters any more. Too much trouble.

Instead, I "T" the front treble, to cut down on hook rash, and that works fine. Cranks and topwaters that are 4" or less don't weigh enough to give the fish any advantage from their weight in the fight.

Bear in mind I am just a hobbiest, and don't sell, so I don't have to worry about customer satisfaction.

But I have baits I made years ago that still catch fish, and that is what I'm after.

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