Line Getting Tangled In Front Treble On Glider

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Hi there ,

Just browsed through briefly ,................ I'm pretty much surprised , that obviously nobody suggested using single strand wire leaders to work glidebaits properly without fouling the hooks into the line .

These leaders are essential for our local European glidebait pike fishing , .......they serve two purposes , .....preventing the toothy fish from snapping the line and also to prevent hook fouling .

You may attach such leaders with duo-lock snaps , ....or plitring provides a connection with even less play .

"American Fishing Wire" offers wire coils of different diameters to make your own leaders , .......also in bronzed "camo brown" color , .....such leaders often do not need to be made much longer than the bait itself , .......at least when targeting non-toothy fish only .

greetz , Dieter :yay:

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