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@ mark poulson

Must be a very interesting book to read , Mark , ...... from 1979 'til 1982 I've gone through an apprenticeship as a tool , -or die maker , ...by that time it already was a dying breed in this company , that I'm still working in .

At least I still learned some of those old handworking techniques , that nowadays nobody uses anymore , since modern machinery does the job easier and quicker .

In 1984 they've shut down that particular branch , did not make any stamping tools anymore , .....so I've ever worked as a grinding machine operator there , .......at first on coordinate grinding machines and since 1992 I'm doing relief grinding on hobs , most likely of carbide , but also tool steel .

If interested , .......here is a video of the place , that I'm working ,...giving an impression on hob production , .........all of fellas shown there are my workmates , .........I'm not working on hobs as big as the ones displayed at first , .......mine are of about the size shown during the quality check and packing process , ...... and also still smaller ones , ....but specialized on carbide , not toolsteel as much.


(Sorry , only German version available)

But at least all the things , that I've learned through my apprenticeship are also good base to operate ANY metal working machinery , ....but of course also for my hobby lure making :lol: !

Thanks again everybody for your kind words :worship: !

greetz , Dieter :yay:

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That was a neat video. Things have come a long way since I worked in my uncle's machine shop in the '60s.

The book I was talking about is "Machinery's Handbook", for machine shop and drafting-room, by Erik Oberg and F.D. Jones.

It was originally published in 1914, by The Industrial Press, New York.

I love to read how people figured out the stuff that is programed into those CNC machines in you video. No doubt the machines are faster and more accurate that people, but they aren't as smart as people like you.

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