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Carver12    0

First I want to say that I am new to lure making and this forum has been a huge help the last few weeks, so...thank you! I was asked to make lures for Christmas gifts and committed myself before I realised the amount of work that went into it, and have only made 1 set of lures so far.

I was possibly interseted in attaching premade 3D eyes to my lures. The area they will go is relatively flat and I was planning on coating the lure with Devcon 2T. Should I put the eyes on then the devcon, devcon first then the eyes, or are the eyes just going to cause me problems?

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RayburnGuy    1,334

When you say "lure making" I'm assuming your building baits out of wood and by "relatively flat" you must mean there is somewhat of a radius where you intend to place the eyes. Trying to epoxy flat bottomed eyes to a radius will do nothing but give you trouble. They will inevitably get knocked off sooner or later. If your building your baits out of wood here is what I do. I locate the exact place where the eyes will go and drill a shallow hole with a brad point bit. And when I say "shallow" I mean just deep enough for the edge of the eye to be just below the surface of the wood. This will not only give you a flat spot to glue the eye it will also make the attachment stronger as the edges of the eye will have something to support them from any lateral movement.


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blazt*    2

Eyes, then devcon. Superglue the eyes in place before clearcoating if the surface isn't perfectly flat. But as rayburnguy said drilling is the way to go. If you drill sockets, superglue won't be necessary. Keep the bit straight as you drill or the wood might chip.

The d2t over the eyes will hold them in place if you do a thorough job of clearing the baits. It's usually a good idea to pool a little extra d2t around the edges of the eyes, just don't let it run or sag.

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