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Barlows Tackle

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Let me start by saying that i have never had a problem from this company until today. With that being said...

I placed an order from Barlows Tackle last Wednesday as i do about once every two months. Today i get a call that the credit card is declined and call them back to correct the problem. Turns out a number was transposed. Problem solved.

My problem is that I was expecting the order tomorrow in order to have supplies to make lures for a trade show next Tuesday. A week is about normal shipping anyway so i thought that they would get it sent out at a faster rate to make up the difference. I was wrong. The new date was next monday for a total of a 13 day turnaround!

Their stance is that the credit card number is read back and i had the oppertunity to catch and correct the mistake then. My stance is why did it take a week to even attempt to send the order or run the credit card in the first place?

Turns out they were backorded on an item and held it for the item to be delivered to them. That would have been fine if I had have known. I could have just cancelled that item or had them send it later by backorder which they have done in the past.

Long story short i got mad and told them to cancel it all but cooled down in a few minutes,called back, and told em to send it anyway. The response i get is that the order will be sent out tomorrow instead of today because it was cancelled and they have to redo the paperwork lol.

I probably will order from there again as one instance is small compared to years of good service without issue. The problem with the credit card probably was my fault anyway and they cant help that. But, the week in lag to do anything i cant really comprehend.....(saving a few bucks on shipping by sending one package?)

If i do order in the future i will be getting the items checked to be in stock and a definite delivery by date.

Its an aggrivation for me but somebody that is custom making something for a customer who has placed an order would be in a bind on keeping thier word which is very important to a business.

Im just aggrivated and thought i would let everyone know so this didnt happen to anyone else in the future. Once again usually a great company to deal with..... just this one instance.... but that was almost enough.

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I feel you on the barlow shipping. Dude i live 12 hours from the place and it takes a week to get anything. I want some tackle warehouse shipping. Those dudes got it happening.

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It does sound like the transposed number opened a whole can of worms.

I've had good luck with Barlow's over the years.

That said, different companies have different policies. I also order from Tacklewarehouse, and they are great.

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