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Dispenser Pumps 1 Gallon Container

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Prepping to give some mold making another run. One area I fell way short last time was not storing my urethane plastic properly. Funny how the most basic things creep in and ruin our plans. My resin source said once the containers are open to use something like bloxgen to create a barrier in the container from moisture and air. (Sound familiar?) I noticed Larry Dahlberg was using a dispenser pump in one of his videos and I'm thinking that would be a pretty cool solution and a lot cleaner. Of course I wonder if the pump valve will keep moisture out....apparently it works for Larry. I'm going to be using a resin with a pretty short pot life so dispensing a few ounces at a time will be the way to go to stay ahead of the cure time. Seems like a clean tidy solution.



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