Ventilation For Water Based Paints?

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knifemaker3    0

Howdy all,

I've always just been a lead and plastic pouring guy. Now I'm wanting to get into painting cranks but I need to do it at my retail store while sitting around this winter.

My question is this.....what type of ventilation if any is needed when airbrushing with water based paint like cratex?

I currently do all my plastic injecting and lead pouring at a shop at home with plenty of ventilation...but am looking for something tacklemaking wise I can do at the retail location.

So, ventilation? Needed or just a box to catch overspray enough? If a box is enough does it need a shop vac attached like when spraying powder paint?

I plan on either epoxy coating. If I spray auto clear it will be done at the home shop.


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SPJ    10

Createx paints that I use really have little smell to them. The only thing that smells the most is the windex all purpose cleaner that I clean my gun with between colors. Now depending on what clear you use will depend on smell. Epoxy has a little smell but auto clear is really toxic.

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BobP    808

I don't think there's any significant odor to water based airbrush paints. I paint in my garage and just lay out newspaper to catch the overspray. Some of the spray turns to dust, which can be an issue depending on the setting. If you shoot inside a non-ventilated box, the dust can get blown around by later airbrushing and settle on still-wet lures.

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