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Alabama Umbrella Rig

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I often thought about fishing Salt Umbrella rigs in Fresh.

Well, now is has been done with many variations and what appears to be great sucess.

Looks to be an ideal soft plastic presentation that should take all bass.

What can you tell me about it?


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It's the new big thing for bass fishing. They are considering banning them in tournaments it's so effective. We used umbrella rigs for stripes and blue fish trolling in NJ NY waters. I now live in Florida were the Alabama Riggs are being used for redfish snook tarpon . I be fishing a night snook redfish kayak tournament and plan to try them pre fishing bridges and docks. One thing that concerns me is the wire legs can kink and break just fishing large mouth bass. Now a 3 pound snook would drown and 15 pound bass in a tugg of war contest. The Riggs can be expensive upwards od $25 for one bait snags are scary expensive. For tackle a heavy power med action inshore rod 7' to 8ft is a must with the rig weight. Think using a wide gap worm hook rigged weedless for swim baits will work nice without adding jig heads. The worm hooks will give the swim baits keel to swim upright without spinning. What's nice is they are shape shifting and endless rigging options. Seen guys on you tube building them on the cheap also. Would be great if it was sold for shallow water. We fish skinny water low tides if it was linear it would just slay reds trout snook flounder and pomps on the flats. Wow for not even using it yet I'm pump to throw it.

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Sorry to take so long to get back. Went fishing a few times with the alabama rig.

Found this to be excellent in price and materials:


they make true alabama and other types of rigs.

I am fishing lake # 24 in the bassmaster best 100 and got nothing on the A-rig in two trips with it. I fish 11 HMG rods both spin and casting so...

The Husky Jerk 8, 10 and 12 in black/silver always works there even in cold fronts. Maybe I should rig the HJ onto the A-rig in stead of the arrays of swim baits I tried?

Looking forward to using the A-rig on northern pike maybe in a month.

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