Keeping Weed Guard Holes Clean?

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I have not been able to keep it all out but here is my process.

I hold the jig with a pair of needle nose pliers or hemostats. I close them over the hook eye to keep paint out of it. When I come out of the powder paint I give the jig head a few taps on the paint cup top with the hole down. That knocks most of the paint out. Some better than others.

The only other thing I know to do is paint them with pins in.

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I powder paint with the pins left in . I heat the head and then into the powder paint it goes. Holding the hook with a pair of pliers, then use a second set of pliers to give the pin a slight clock wise spin and then pull it out. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. If you pull it strait out it will pull the paint with it. After you do a few you will have the timing down as far as how soon and how fast this works best for you. It will leave a nice clean hole. If you are doing a white base and then a second main color over the hole jig wait until this part is done to pull the pin. Then if I want to put in high light colors our extra flash in a clear coat,this is the time to use the small paint brushes and tap those on. Its a lot easier than it sounds. Have a good day. STEVE

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