Finishing A Photo Finish?!?!?

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D2T leaves a hard, glossy finish. I usually apply a coat of D2T to level the foiled edges. I then paint the top and belly of the lure to blend in with the foil. That is followed by several coats of auto clear.

But D2T is a good top coat on it's own if your not fishing for toothy critters like pike and musky as their sharp teeth can crack the hard shell of D2T. Lot of the guys here at TU use Etex when fishing for those sharp toothed fish. The Etex doesn't get as hard as the D2T and it holds up better for the fish mentioned above.


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For clarification: Etex = Envirotex Lite, D2T = Devcon 2-ton 30 minute. Both are epoxies. Doing a search for both will give you loads of information to read.


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