Make Your Own Pearl Paint

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Been messing around with airbrushing lately. Thought I'd try making pearlized colors.

I added some white pearl powder that we use for soft plastics in some red acrylic paint. I was impressed with the turn out. Next i'm going to use white color and try different highlight powders like red, green, gold,super blue,copper; I've got them all, lol.

Give it a try; you might be surprised.

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How about sprinkling some powder on the back 30 minutes after the first top coat has been applied?

Don't think that would work. I think it would clump up. You might be able to shoot it through the airbrush though.

Possible to mix it in the clear before you coat the bait as well.

These are things that I plan to try but haven't had the time as yet. If anyone does; please post results.

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