Air Brush Hose, Quick Couper Etc..?

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Hey guys

It's been a while since Iv'e dropped in and asked for any advice. I have painted a lot of baits since I first started the air brush thing. I'm still using the cheap quick connects I bought off e-bay when I started. The quick connect has leaked since day 1 and my compresser has to run more then I think it should. I have a old hose I bought at a garage sale. So I would like to sanitize my set up and make it leak free with quality quick connections for my Iwata air brush's. So where is the best one line store to shop for all my air brush equipment and createx paints? Thanks all.


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I bought the ones I have now at TCP Global, but any store that handles quality airbrushes should have what you need. Expect to pay a little more (maybe even a good bit more) than what you paid on Ebay. They will last a lot longer though.


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