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I bought a Dremel 4000 the other day to help with my crankbaits. I love the sanding drums for rough shape, and the grinding attachments to shape my lips (the aluminum ones), and the precision with the drill bits. Now I'm just wanting to know if any of you have any tips/suggestions that might save me some headache? Or interesting things to try? Thanks you all are a great bunch of people.

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A Dremel is my main crankbait making tool but while I have lots of different attachments, I use 3 the most: fine sanding drums for rounding over baits; a millimeter drill bit set (from American Science & Surplus) for drilling holes for line ties and clearing finish from the eyes; and a Dremel wood shaping cylinder for drilling ballast holes and eye sockets. You need the set of different size collets to use the drill bits. I cut out my lips with Wiss metal snips and sand them 'down to the line" with a fine sanding drum. Then I polish the edges of Lexan lips with one of the wool polishing cylinders.

I also have a larger, more powerful Foredom rotary tool that takes up to 1/4" shank tools. It works faster but is not as handy to use, so I most often use the Dremel. My preference may have something to do with using the Dremel for 10 years and just being used to its quirks.

Dremels are pretty sturdy tools and the company is owned by Porter Cable. They have great warranty service. I take mine apart occasionally and blow the sawdust out of the innards with a compressor. Other than that, they seem to keep on tick'in.

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