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Hi , folks ,

Bored at home , fooling around with the computer for hours , .........finally I've managed to put some older pictures from my files and ol' Jimi together , ......do not know , what I exactly did and why , .......but at some stage it was suddenly there :lol: !

Hope that it might come in helpful , off course any further questions will be answered !

greetz , diemai :yay:

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Great video,

I was just talking to an old boss of mine. He was complaining how expensive large spoons have gotten. Maybe I'll try to make a few and see how they turn out.

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Thank you for sharing Dieter!

What kind of wood makes the best molds? And how thick is the material your working with? Looks like brass and copper right ?


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Thanks , folks :worship: ,

.................sadly I had to change the soundtrack , 'cause ol' Jimi Hendrix must not be used on German Youtube , ........there have been lawsuits opened by the local music industry against certain websites forbidding them to publish certain music tunes .

As a result this video was not accessible to German viewers , so I had to kick Jimi out to be replaced with a tune offered by YouTube , ...now it should be not banned over here anymore .

@ sammy01007

Commercial spoons might have become that expensive , because prices for brass and especially copper have drastically increased on world's markets , .........over here we frequently hear about some hoodlums disassembling copper drainpipes , copper roofing or even electric wiring from railroad tracks to sell these to scrapyards .

Scrapyards should be your source of material as well , ........unless you know someone working in a place , where he might get some scrap pieces for free or little money .

I'm making most of my spoons out of stainless steel sheet(getting it free at my work) , but this tuff stuff requires industrial grade power tools to be cut to outer shape , ........I only utilize same methods as shown to furnish the cupping (still comes harder compared to brass or copper) .

@ littleriver

I've used 20mm thick beechwood , ........so I guess , any 1" hardwood board would do , .......maple and oak would surely work .

Once I've cracked up such a template , it was deeper cupped and I've bee working on a bigger stainless steel blank , so that wood block received a lot of punishment and finally did not hold up , just split lengthwise in a clean cut .

I've glued it together again and reinforced it with some square hardwood pieces , glued and screwed crosswise against the bottom of the mended template , .......no problems occured anymore with that one so far .

With brass and copper such won't happen(average sized spoons of SST are also OK in that way) , as the metal is softer and bends easier , ........in fact especially with copper sheet ones has to care to to be carried away and furnish the cupping too deep , causing the spoon to flip over onto it's reverse side and only flutter up-and-down instead of nicely wobbling along .

I'd strongly advise to test(with hooks assembled)every spoon prior to polishing , painting , applying decal foil or whatsoever souping-up one intends to do .

These "Shoehorn" style spoons are quite "good-natured" in terms of getting them to swimm well , ....also the tradional German "EffZett"-spoon shape , wider symetric spoons with pointed ends or pointed tail ends in general are a bit harder to do .

Material thickness can be 1,0 to 2,o millimetres , copper sheet even 2,5mm , .......2,0mm stainless requires a helluva beating to achieve the cupped shape , ......not impossible , but only for the passionate like me , I guess :lol: !

Once you have the beating tempate , you can also shape smaller sized spoons in it , you do not neccessarely need a template for each size , .......for all of my different spoons , that I've made through so many years(you may check my gallery on the last album pages) , I've only utilized three of these , ......and another shallower one for 0,5mm SST spinner blades .

good luck , Dieter :yay:

Edited by diemai

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Thanks a lot , fellas :worship::worship: , ........these are just some humble attempts to make some good spoon lures , .........but these do work out and they catch :yes: !

I've put this video up on German site as well , ..........one pretty much experienced guy there(he built his own CNC router to make hardbait blanks or casting molds) told me , that instead of a wooden beating template one could also use a thicker plate of lead for making the initial cupping of the spoon blank , ........the soft lead would indent under the hits of the plastic hammer .

I haven't tried this before , but I imagine , that one would get a more even surface this way , so that not so many fine-shaping with a ball peen hammer on a steelplate or an anvil might be neccessary after that initial cupping :? ?

But on ther other hand there would be the usual health concerns about lead :oooh: !

greetz , Dieter :yay:

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