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How I Make My Spinnerblades(picture Compilation Video)

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Hi , folks ,

Here's another little picture compilation on how I do my own spinnerblades out of stainless steel sheet(please also read my YouTube describtion) .

Another video on making spinnerbodies from round brass dowel will follow soon .

Any further questions will be answered here , ........greetz , diemai :yay:

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As promised , ......here ist the second video displaying how I make spinnerbodies out of round brass dowels , ....sorry about some pictures turned out of focus , hope that they are still recognizeable :worship: .

Please also read my further describtions on YouTube , .......any upcoming questions will be gladly answered , ....

greetz , diemai :yay:

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As Mark said you are truly the "metal meister" Dieter. I really like the way you have your hand drill set up to use as a mini lathe. Great work. :worship:


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Thanks a lot for your kind words , folks :worship: , .....glad you like my humble trials on "how-to" videos !

@ baitbucket

I've been using brass rods in diameters of 6.0mm , 8.0mm , 10mm and even 12mm(so between 1/4 " to 1/2 ") , depending on intended spinner sizes . I used to buy these brass dowels in local tool marts or iron mongers , .........RC modelmaking supplies also sell them , but they are most likely more expensive there .

Here is a link to a big hobby store located in Berlin/Germany , just to give you an idea about prices(in Euro , .....1 Euro converts to about 1,31 USD presently).


Off course these prices in a big store are unbeatable , in local shops one might pay at least 30% , sometimes maybe even 80% more , ..........prices for copper and thus also brass have rapidly increased on world markets thru the past years .

But better look for a local supplier as shipping costs would be very high from Berlin to the USA :lol:

@ RayburnGuy

Ben , this is not a hand drill but an electric motor pimped up with a flange that fits into the 43 mm motor clamp of my lathe or into any table clamps , also has a chuck mounted to it . An old workmate did this many years ago , before he retired and went back to his homecountry Croatia , he gave it to me , .........I'm ever grateful to him .

A handdrill would also work , but I guess , that it's gotta be a decent one with controlable speeds and some more power , .......not the 30 Euro cheapos locally available at supermarket sales now and then .

Greetz , Dieter :yay:

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