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1st Time Bait Q's

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I have made my first top water lure using Sculpey Ultralight Polymer Clay.

The clay is very light, mold-able and can float.

My lure works great!

Trying to do this as cheap as I can, I used clear fingernail polish for the outer-hard coat.

The nail polish works easily, however, it smells like... well, nail polish.

Is that smell going to be a problem with the bass?

Or does anyone suggest a better top-coat to protect my paint, 3d eyes and glidder

being as cheap as i can?

Any help would be appreciated.


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I think the smell will go away so I wouldn't worry. If you're happy with the nail polish and want to stay economical, you're probably in the right place. Most of the alternatives are either more expensive (moisture cured urethane, auto clearcoats), more toxic (auto clearcoats), or require some equipment like a lure turner (epoxy).

The only other inexpensive topcoat I might consider is specifically Devcon Two Ton epoxy. It cures quickly enough that you can brush it on and manually rotate the bait every little while for the first 45-50 minutes to keep the epoxy from sagging or running. If you put a hanger on each end of the bait, just switch ends every little while and hang it back up.

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The first lure that I made was painted completely with fingernail polish and I have caught more fish with that one that any other lure that I have made since then (about 20 - 30 lures... not a lot but just stating facts.) So if you like it then run with it.

Good luck on all of your future lures because this stuff is ADDICTIVE!!

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Guest FreeBassLures

Thanks for the replies!

It was kind of fun to make my own lure, but I can't see myself making a lot of them.

If I stumble across and idea and the prototype catches fish. Then I guess I would have to patent it and get it on the market.

I would love to make plastics, but I don't have a place in my house do make them.

Because of the smell and mess, my wife has COPD and the smell and "possible" fumes would cause her lots of problems.

Okay... the million dollar question....

So, what is the best lure coat period?!



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