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Dual Purpose Glide /twitch Bait Mold

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My two part silicone just arrived and am thinking of making a hard bait mold I would like to make a profile that could be used for making glide baits and still be able to take the same bait and cut a lip slot in it with the table saw and make twitch baits I would like to make the mold with one line tie but I could put more than one

I guess my question is what shape would you make the master to make both of these baits from the same mold ?

I was thinking of a jake or grandma as it is easy to cut the lip slot on a table saw because of the flat belly

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You dont have to cut with a saw. Build the master with the lip. Make your mold. Lube the surface of the lip slot in the mold, and pour some more silicone in the lip slot to fill it. When it cures, remove it. Now you can make a lipped bait, or load the silicone slug in and make a lipless.

This way your lip will always be straight. When you mold without the lip you may get a little flash but can easily clean that up.



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