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The quickest way to seal/prep pvc for painting is that going to be devcon two ton, or is there some sort of white epoxy filler out there for the job?

I'm assuming pvc has to be primed for painting, I've seen some mention using rattle cans made for plastic?

Do these same requirements stand for compositea such as azek?

Background: Never used pvc before, always oak or cedar with etex... thinking of using etex as the seal as its low fumes and I can do it inside but a little bit disjointed that I have to prime or seal the white at all. If possible it'd be nice to just use a fast curing while filler, sand and spray. Also a bit disappointed that the pvc I have isn't harder, I can still scratch it with a finger nail (it seems to be just a bit softer than oak, or around there).

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I noticed a few small voids in a swimbait I recently cut out and shaped. After shaping I just put a small drop of super glue in the voids and sprayed it with the accelerator. Sanded the repair down to match the surrounding area and it was all done within a few minutes times. No mixing epoxy and waiting for it to cure. When you spray the super glue with the accelerator it sets up almost immediately and is ready for sanding. Instant gratification.


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