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I am new to powder painting just wondered where the best place to buy powder paint . I am thinking a min. of a 4 oz. jars do to my fluid bed size in order to get depth . Maybe even 1 lbs. not sure what sizes are even avaiable. The 1 lbs would be plenty wouldnt even be able to put it all in cup . I also would like to know my cups are 3" in diameter and 3" tall with a 60 gal. pump how full should i fill my cup most videos show abaout a inch from the top. Been searching online today for a polyethylene porus style filters for the bottom of cup need to knoow how fine of filter one needs i read something about micron, wondered what the microns of powder paint would be i hope i am saying this right like i said i am new to this. Last night i used a piece of house wrap tyvex and a coffee filter still got a very little valcano action adjusted air down didnt seem to boil like i would like it to, i will keep trying till i get it right.

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You should post this question in the wire baits forum. Those guys pour and powder paint, and know all!

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