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I would try transparent light brown and add opaque red. I would start by trying a 10 to 1 mix. If the red is to much then go to a 15 to 1 mix. Experiment from there. Spray on test bait or paper first to make sure its right. WARNING Im not the best painter/color mixer. You might want to wait for some other opinions.LOL! But hope Im on the right track.

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I've been recently working on duplicating a similar shade that was used on the backs of original wiggle warts. I think I got pretty close with a recipe similar to what bbf mentioned, but slightly different.

I use the white plastic paint mixing dishes from any hobby store.

- start with one of the cups of the dish 3/4 full of Createx transparent light brown.

Add to that 8 drops of createx transparent red (I used transparent red instead of opaque to keep the final color more translucent)

Add to that 5 drops of opaque black.

Mix thoroughly until the color is consistent.

If you need the color more "warm" use more red. If you need it lighter or darker, then increase/decrease the number of drops of black. But using 8 drops of red and 5 of black got me pretty close. The color will look dark maroon in the mixing cup, but when you spray it over the green it will come out pretty close to the reddish brown you are looking for.

Hope that helps! Good luck!


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i actually just painted one very similar to that and just posted a pic in the hard bait gallery (2012 03 03 16 31 00 568) - the way i acheived mine was to paint a red w/ just a touch of orange mixed in over a copper pearl base on the back

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