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Glues For Casted Parts.

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Im casting filled urethane lures halves (like pvc) that I glue together, and the cyano glues are so hard that when I drill my pilot holes for screw eyes, the difference in density causes the drill to walk off line.

So, Ive tried mixing small batches of the urethane used in the casting, but its cure rate is way too slow outside of a heated mold. The cyano is great because it fills gaps, cures fast, and is sandable almost instantly if I use an accelerator.

I saw the Youtube vid of Hilbilly gluing his cranks together with the same resin he casted them with, but my instinct is against this. Any glue gurus out there?




I cant cast the screw eyes into the part or use wire because of the design, and figure 8 links will get torn out because the of the light weight urethane.

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