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I have been lucky with the drop bellie longer baits, but the shad bait did not work as good. I noticed that the bait was tail down i knew that when I first weighted the bait was a litle lite on the ballast. I wanted to keep it light for slow sinking that was a mistake. I went to the pond and i taped 4 grams of weight near the front hook, than I moved it more toward the nose of the bait, that worked the best. What I noticed that when I jerked the bait to glide forward due to the angle of the chest plus tail dow the bait as a tendency to glide up and come out of the water. The attitude of the bait is level now maybe slightly head down for me that seems to work the best. What I am noticing that when you have a large mass of wood like around the belly to me there is where the center of gravity should be focused. on this type of bait the front ballast is further toward the front

I am using just cheap masking tape Scotch 3M I make a litle loaf of split shots than I tape them to where I want them centered and you can cast it and retrieve with out coming off. I do take some paper towel to dry the surface but I am able to use the same tape over to another spot. I was very supprise how well the tape works.

You can see the 6 inch shad brown bait in the photo gallery. note ther is no ballast in the rear of the bait

My turn to give back to TU members

Thank You


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The few gliders I've built have worked better for me when the bait sits level or just slightly head down. I've built a couple of perched shaped gliders (dropped belly) that sink at what I consider to be a pretty slow rate. In the neighborhood of 13 to 14 seconds per foot. Like I said I've only built a few gliders so I'm no expert, but this is what has worked best for me.


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