Brand New To The Site. Need Some Help.

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Greetings everyone!

I'm new to the site and lure making (except fly tying- been doing that for 20+ years)

I'm wanting to start producing my own jigging spoons for salmon. 2 - 3 oz

I recently purchased a hot pot 2 and a do-it flutter spoon mold (the 2 and 3 oz model)

I think i have good lead, been reading about fluxing, and pouring on this site. think I'm preppared for that.

My main questions have to do with painting.

Frankly, I have no clue what I'm doing. Looking for a tough, shiny finish, maybe some glo as well.

FIgured I would ask the experts before I buy the wrong stuff.

Thanks for any help.


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Welcome to TU. My first suggestion would be to post this in the wire baits section. They probably no more about painting lead lures. As far as paint goes, it sounds like you would probably need to use powder paint. You can paint them with acrylic paint and seal with devcon, but powder will hold up better. Good luck, Rob

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Welcome to the crew. Hope your ready for interesting times.

Like Nedyarb says posting your question in the more appropiate section will get you answers. Some guys just look at sections they have an interest. Also look at the tutorial and how- to sections on this forum. And most of all use the search function on this forum and other forums. Many questions have been answered already. Also try interenet searches too. I have 10 tackle making forums in my favorites list. So there is plenty of opportunities to learn and to share. You will find some you-tube videos covering many forms of tackle making.

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