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Silicone Molds

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Has anyone made any molds using 100% silicone and water as a catalyst ? I tried making a few and they all come out fine except the inside of the mold has alot of bubbles and when I pour it the worm comes out looking like a sponge. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I would recommend using a dab of artist's acrylic paint instead of water. Get a cheap tube of acrylic paint and add a bead to the top of your silicone pile and mix thoroughly until the color is consistent. Do it in layers with just a small layer at first to spread over the master. The next layers will stick fine over the first and it dries pretty quick so the second layer can usually go on in a couple of hours. Fantastik spray works great to spray over this silicone after you spread it so you can smooth it out. It seems to have enough "soapyness" so that you can work the silicone well before it sets. Just wipe it off a bit before the next layer.

The acrylic paint works much better than water or glycerin. I learned this from taxidermy web-sites when Googling one night and have used it to make some decent molds for prototyping. But, nothing will compare to RTV when you finally get the bait where you wanti it.


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