Trolling Dodgers?

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clemmy    65

Anyone Make their own flashers and/or dodgers? I'm interested in hydrodynamics and design, as I have a rough idea, but am in Florida, and so do not see alot of this...

I do have a late 70s booklet on trolling, but that is all i've found.

Curious about those on the big lakes, as to how much bend, degree, weight, size etc.


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crankpaint    30

I was a first mate on a charter boat in the great lakes and used flashers and dodgers for lake trout and samon most don't weigh more then 1-1 1/2 ozs there just large steel/brass plate .040 thick plated or painted about 3 inchs wide and 10 to 14 inchs long with a slight curve pressed into them so that it looks like a large spoon? not really much to them the flash draws in the fish to hit the spoon or fly(plastis squid) trailing a few feet behind the flasher

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aaron4mvp    2

I often fish on Lake Michigan with dodgers and fly combos and crankpait said it well, they are just plated steel with curved ends that make them spin on barrel swivels as they are trolled. We use a bunch of different colors and texture patterns depending upon the time of year and fly going behind it.

I would experiment with how much to bend the ends and the shape. I think as long as there is surface resistance against it when it is moving forward it will have some sort of action.

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