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Fishing Good, Wood Dust Bad!

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To my understanding, cedar needs to be kiln dried to get the majority of the oil out. Most other woods are kiln dried to get the moisture out. Whether it is the oil, sap, or water, they will all cause you problems down the road if they don't do it immediately. This is what happened to Poes years ago. That poor company has changed hands alot of times. One of the companies that bought Poes was behind on orders right after they bought it. They ordered cedar that was not kiln dried. They made the lures and painted them up and sold them. Over a period of time the oil started to rise up out of the wood and caused the paint finishes to crack. You might even own some. If so Poes use to take those lures back and replace them free of charge.

I will have to agree on the face mask. If you really do some painting then get one. Your eyes need protection too.


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