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Getting more lure looking thingies on the workbench than fish on the plate. But it's a good thing.

But the work in progress always looks better on the bench than in pictures.

Cedar through wire...





Thinking the line tie up top is going to produce a lot of wobble and spin. Probably best at this point to cut, fill, and move the tie to the bill. Eventually, I'm going to have to quit messing around making bodies and do some painting. Sorta, kinda, maybe possible looks like a little channel cat......LOL or something.

Hope everybody is having a GREAT FRIDAY!

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Definitely would move line tie to the bill close to where the bill meets the body. Perhaps just a little forward of that by a couple mm. Good looking shape! Should swim great once the tie is moved assuming it is ballasted properly. I would leave the original tie where it is and perhaps use it to attach some kind of streamer. Would look really cool and may not effect action much if streamer is light and does not produce too much drag. Might be fun to experiment with anyway.

Good luck .


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Kinda has that catfish look with the flat head. If you were really going for that look you could throw in some stainless leader wire for wiskers. Pretty cool bait.

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Didn't get much done. Started reshaping the body and shot paint and dusted baby cat with a gold/silver mix on the belly. Can't get it to show in a pic. Once there is enough contrast colors, maybe.


Gave in. Decided not to paint eyes. Ordered some.


Think I'll just run a screw eye through the head and epoxy it. Can't sleep so I did some fill on the cedar,


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