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So I have have been experimenting with using a post/hinge system with some lures; both swimbaits and lipped cranks. My baits are constructed of 2 peices of 3/8" PVC glued together. I cut the female end of the joint at 60 degrees and the male end at 45 degrees.

I have been trying to put the post in 1/4", but thinking that is much too far. Where do you place your posts?

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What are you using for your connection?

That is going to make a difference.

How big the connection pieces are and the gauge of the wire you are using will make a difference as well.

I don't know anything about pvc but if it were me I would want my connections seated right up to the eye.

Can you post some pics of what you have to give us a general idea?



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Had to set down and think this through to get an idea of what you are doing. I originally thought you were using interlocking eyelets to make your joints. But now I am thinking this is what you have....


If that is about right, then your top view looks something similar to this......


And the side view would look something like.....


Going by that, I'd say

1) If you epoxy the eyelet flush against the male piece, the pin hole is going to fall where it falls.

2) If you don't put the eyelet all the way in the male, the pin hole will be deeper in the female portion.

But you run the risk of weakening the joint and the possibility exists you will lose some wiggle.

When I did this one I measured back 3/8 off the body separation and drilled straight through the entire piece.



Not sure there are any hard and fast rules for just the general rules of thumb and what works for you.

Good Luck!

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