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Eyes Came In Today

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Thought I'd finish this little guy first. Cedar Frog had been sitting for quite a while. Disappointed in drilling 1/4" sockets for 7mm eyes. Eyes look great if you don't get

Dusted him over with some gold. Added a few gold/black spots.

Like the way the gold really stands up when the light hits it.

One coat of D2T and on the dryer. Tomorrow we'll look again.







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If that's a balsa bait, you might get a smoother eye recess with a sanding drum on a Dremel. Balsa is really hard to drill cleanly.

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Good Morning Doug,

I know the Forstner is right. Truth be told, I changed horses so many times on these I am surprised they look this good. LOL

Confession: I was going to paint eyes and then saw some beautiful eye work here I wanted to try. So I made some 3D eyes. In the meantime I found some online I liked better and bought those too.

By this time my bodies were already cut. (Hehe....beginning to sound like a bad comedy) Grabbed 1/4" brad point and did surgery on the bodies.

The homemade eyes looked pretty good.





Those eyes fit, so I should have no problem with the new eyes right? LOL

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The jitterbug imitation came off the dryer too. He didn't turn out so well due to more operator error.

Yep. Always better to have the parts in your hand than anticipate.

Another I cut the eye socket too big.





Not sure why that milky white came up around the eyes. I flashed that batch of D2T with acetone which might have something to do with it.

Right now, giving it serious thought to pop the eyes out, clean the sockets, fill, reshadow, and see what happens.

Might even build the eye area up and have raised eyes. There is always something to learn, lol.

My first experience with 3d eyes has made me wonder what to buy and what to make.

Learning to make eyes was enjoyable and I got to choose the colors, style, shape, etc.

On the other hand, it was time consuming.

The bought eyes are convenient. Peel and stick. No mess. No hassle.

They look great too. Unless you are painting eyes, it makes sense to buy them.

Might be time to decide whether I want to make everything myself, or buy parts I could otherwise make out of consistency and convenience.


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For my money, the biggest satisfaction of my short time as a lure maker is in making everything myself.From designing, cutting and shaping the blank, making a through wire...making the bib, eyes and doing the paintwork... It's the best part of the deal to me. If I could make split rings and hooks ( and perhaps grow a balsa tree!!) I'd really be set!

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