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Ok so maybe im the last to know but cant find any info on cracking paint. Anyone willing to enlighten me on who makes it or where to get. Thanks

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While they do make a paint that cracks a lot of us just use Elmer's glue thinned with water and apply it to the lure and then paint over that. The difference in the rate that the paint and glue dry will create the cracked finish your talking about. There is also a "crackle medium" that can be found at hobby shops and art supply stores. I've had better luck with the Elmer's glue though. You might have to play with the glue/water mixture until you get the consistency you want. A little heat with a hair dryer or heat gun will help the paint crack after you've sprayed your top color over the glue.

Do a search for "crackle paint" in the hard baits forum and you will find a wealth of info on this subject.

There's also a bunch of videos on YouTube about crackle painting with Elmer's glue. Here's a link to some of them.



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