Looking For Glo Purple Powder Paint

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It comes in quarts and gallons so it looks as if it is not powder paint. I did not click through to the prices but it looks like 2 oz is $19.00.

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web site is very confusing Looks like you can also order it in powder form for mixing your own. This is from their web site

Tackle and Rods:

Glow powder is used in a wide range of applications like production of glow in the dark clear coats for your lures. Simply add a small amount of glow pigment to your clear coat or vinyl and stir. Another method is to use a strong adhesive and coat the lure, then spray a clear topcoat to protect powder.Yes you can add it to POWDER PAINTS! Can withstand temps up to 500 degree F. If you want to add it directly to silicon lures, just add it to silicon when it is in the liquid state, then pour into moulds. Powder does tend to settle so you may want to add a anti-settling agent. Test and add more pigment as required. The more pigment added the brighter the glow. It can also be added to a rod wrapping epoxy.

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