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Hello, I am a new member here to this great forum. I have been reading a bunch the last few weeks and wanted to join you folks. I bought some unpainted baits a week or so ago and have been practicing my airbrushing. Been a while since I have used one. But I do have a question.

I am in the market to buy some unpainted baits and I am concerned which ones I should stay away from. I want baits that will run good out of the box. Is this possible? No need to apply a custom paint job to a bait that doesn't work right. which ones run the best?


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Welcome to TU Tim. I can't really help you much with what blanks to buy or which ones to stay away from as I build my own, but hopefully others will chime in with their opinions. You could also try using the search function if you haven't already.

One thing to keep in mind is what do you expect out of unpainted blanks. Knock offs are definitely cheaper than factory baits and some of them look almost identical in size and shape. Are the cheaper baits going to have the same action and perform as well as the originals? The answer to that is no. Most of the knock offs are built in China and don't have the same quality when it comes to the balance and internal ballasting as the originals. This doesn't mean they won't catch fish. It just means that your not going to spend a couple dollars on an unpainted blank, another couple dollars painting and clear coating and end up with a $20 Lucky Craft.

Hope this helps a little. Look forward to seeing some of your work.


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Welcome aboard Tim! I agree with Ben. I make all my own blanks too.

And buying blanks brings up a number of questions.

Plastic or wood?

What type wood?

Divers or surface runners?

What size lures?

What hardware are you adding?

What top coat are you planning to use?

All this is going to come into play once the lure hits the water.

I don't have any experience with doing what you propose, but I'd think the majority of blanks will need fine tuning.

Hopefully someone with a more experience will offer some ideas.


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