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Hi, i am writing from across the pond in the UK. I am looking at buying some screw eyes in bulk from suppliers over there as they are notoriously hard to obtain over here. Can anybody point me in the correct direction for good stainless steel eyes for 4-8ich jerkbaits etc.

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If you don't wanna wait for overseas orders and/or face hazzles with local customs , try this one , ......located in the Netherlands .


Basically the same stuff like you can get in the USA , but naturally more expensive , as they do import from overseas and need to make their profit .

My frequent bulk orders(every one or two years to fill up my stocks) I place at as well , .......but if I need lure stuff urgent and on a short term , I'd go for the Dutchies .

BTW : I can really recommend their 100packs of extra strong stainless split rings !

One more thing , .......the large component suppliers in the US and Canada often have fixed freight rates overseas , not matter what weight or sum ordered , ...... no other option offered than airmail , which I consider to be quite costly and in addition to local VAT and import taxes eating up the advantage of lower prices .

At "MooresLures" you can also chose surface shipping and charges are fixed accordingly to total weight and/or monetary order amount , also his prices are often lower than at the large competitors .

Disadvantage of surface shipping is the long delivery time to Europe , which may vary between four weeks and three months(my experiences having placed several orders thru the years) , ......but it only costs about half the price of air shipment .

You can also ring up Dick Moore for any information concerning freight rates and any lure compoments , ......he's a nice guy to talk to , aways helpful , ........just a lot better than talking to a phone agent at one of the large companies , .....Dick surely knows , what he's talking about , ......he would even also try to get items for his customers not listed in his catalog(he once obtained some meaty 2 ounce spoon blanks for me) .

Hope this helps , mate , .......enjoy yourself in here , ...cheers from Germany , diemai :yay:

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@ lurebaz more thing , .........check out this UK site :

There are extensive link lists accessible on the front page , related stuff from the UK , Europe , America and worldwide , may find something suitable in there as well .

Cheers , diemai :yay:

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