Wire Diameter For Screw Eyes

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For making your own screw eyes and line ties what size wire are you using? If I wanted to twist my own eyes for crankbaits ranging from 2-4 inches what size is popular?

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It depends on what type of wire you want to use. Personally, I like .041" dia SOFT temper stainless steel wire for bass baits. I think it has the 'right look' for bass size baits plus it's easy to work accurately and is strong enough not to deform while fishing. Soft temper brass wire is also a classic look and is a little softer than soft stainless but .041" is still adequate. If you want to go with hard or semi-hard temper stainless, you can shift down to a smaller diameter wire, say .031 or .029" (including Malin Hard Wire stainless steel leader wire). All of these except the leader wire are sold by McMaster-Carr online. I buy the Type 304 "Bend and Stay" stainless wire, catalog # 8860K15 1/4 lb spool for less than $7.

I particularly like soft temper stainless for the line ties on shallow baits which have the line tie in the nose of the bait. It lets you tune the bait with no worries about cracking the finish on the bait.

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