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quickdraw    3

I use one like the one you posted just to reference and send me in the right direction when mixing.

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RayburnGuy    1,334

Using a color wheel won't tell give you the exact proportions for mixing colors, but they will give you a starting point as to which colors you need to mix to achieve the color and shade your looking for. Shades are another aspect of mixing colors you need to look at. The ones that are easiest to explain are black and white. Small amounts of black will darken a color while small amounts of white will lighten a color. Other colors will work as well for shading. The only way I can tell you how to gain this knowledge is by experience as that is the way I learned. And that calls for wasting some paint. Sorry, but that's the only way I know how to get there.

Another thing that will help is to remember to add your stronger colors, in small quantities, to your weaker colors. We can use gray as an example. To sneak up on a specific shade of gray you would add black to white instead of the other way around since black will be your stronger color. If you were to try adding white to black you would probably end up with way more gray than you actually needed since it would take a much greater quantity of white to change the black to the shade of gray you wanted.


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mark poulson    1,680

You can also play with shades by spraying your base color on first, and then misting over it with very light coats of your stronger color or accent color.

I had made some too blue cranks, and sprayed tran. yellow over them lightly to achieve a nice green.

To practice mixing without wasting a lot of paint, try spraying accent colors over white PVC plumbing pipe, so you don't have to spray a white base first.

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