Jointed Dying Minnow

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i just recently purchased some of these from predator lures and was wondering if anyone else ahd had any expeience with these. I am looking for info on how to do the joint area (never tried a jointed lure before), as well as info on how to attach the rear tail and when to do so (ie. before or after clear)

i will be using auto air paint and or createx/wicked to paint and a 2 part auto clear to topcoat

also anyone had good/bad results with it? how does it actually swim/retreive etc.. and tips from use? i already plan to take it to my "test tank" - the concrete indoor pool at the shool i work at - which has been very helpful since its ultra clear to the bottom to actually see how the lures actually look underwater with diffrent retrieves and being concrete/tile no worries aobut hook damage

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