A Couple Questions On Building A Hunting Crank

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I bought one each of the Rapala scatter lip lures, to see how they swam.  I found they are very finicky, too, and only "hunt" at one specific speed retrieve, or they blow out.  

I was going to drill a small hole in the center of the bill, to try and relieve a little of the water pressure, to see if that made them more stable, but seeing your deeper lure that is more stable because the ballast is deeper, I am now going to just add some lead wire to the front treble to see if that achieves the stablility.

Thanks for the video, and the explanation.


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Thank you Dieter for sharing!!!


Nice finish as well. The small ones are fun too. 


I think with the blue bait at the 30 minute mark  with self adjusting line tie you confirmed what Dave has said about tuning your way to a hunting bait. In this one you had a blowout bait . Then you shortened the bill and now it swims and hunts a bit just as Dave said it would. Not saying trimming the bill is the answer to ones way from a blowout bait to a Hunter always but it is one when you have all the other elements right. Those unweighted hunting jerkbaits with the finnish bill for example it may not help. As you have learned, with ballast in the right shape, one gets a more stable bait to work with from the very beginning. I have taken such unweighted jerkbaits before that were so unstable that they blew out with the bill trimmed to no more than a nub and it still blew out.  :eek:


Really enjoyed the show  :yay:  thanks again for taking time to share. 

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