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Home Made Paint Booth

paint booth

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#1 foul_hook


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Posted 18 September 2012 - 03:24 PM

Not sure where I got the inspiration for this but thought I would share it.
Home made paint booth:
1 rubbermade tub - with or without lid the size if the tub will dictate the size of your booth.
4 PC fans - i found some OLD pc's that were being chunked in the trash at my place of business and pulled fans.
1 "cut to fit" air conditioner filter.
1 12vt DC power plug. Needs to provide enough amps to run four pc fans or the fans will not spin. If you cannot locate one you can use a PC power supply.
Misc screws.
Picture shows it all. I ran the wires up the side of the tub on the left side and put two bolts through the side of the tub were I connected the DC power supply. The tub is plastic so you don't need to worry about anything shorting. If you use the right size bolts you can use a marine battery wing-nut. Or you can do like i did and put alligator clips on the dc power cables and just clip them to the bolts when in use.
Use the ac filter to sit inside the tub and filter out the paint, otherwise you will paint the screen on your window or whatever else is behind the tub.
If using the PC Power supply, you will have to short two pins on the power connector to "FOOL" it into thinking it is connected to a mother board. Just Google "how to manually turn on an ATX power supply" it is a simple jumper or you can cut the wires and permanently connect them together. then you need to locate the power cables on that plug that provide the proper voltage for your fans. You can permanently set the power unit inside the booth or store it outside and just set it in the tub when done.

I use this for powder painting jigs and spinnerbaits as well. It keeps the powder paint dust down in the garage. When I get done painting, I just set everything inside the tub, put the lid on it and set it on a shelf in the garage. I'm working on some other ideas on clipping the baits inside the tub for better holding while painting but have not perfected anything that does not take away from the storage aspect.

Hope it is useful for someone and props to who ever gave me this inspiration in the first place??? Because it works great!
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#2 subsailor618



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Posted 19 September 2012 - 05:36 PM

Pretty good idea, thanks for sharing.

#3 TheBearFan89



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Posted 28 July 2015 - 07:30 PM

Thanks for posting this, guy! When the funds come about I'd like to start dabbling in the hobby and this tool would be perfect for the spare room of my apartment! Much better than setting up a wall of cardboard against the wall and floor!

#4 JRammit


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Posted 28 July 2015 - 08:52 PM

Like it a lot!... Especialy the lid on drying idea

I made a cardboard box booth a while back that i had to get rid of when i built my new bench....

Maybe these photos will be of use to you with your hanging solution... The idea was to turn the lures without unhanging... They only hung on hooks, so swinging was an issue.. Im sure alligator clips could be soldered to the clothes hangers, then the lures would stay in place when you store the booth

Also i used a table top box fan behind the filter, 15 bucks at Walmart

#5 Chuck Young

Chuck Young

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Posted 19 May 2016 - 07:31 PM

Works great with those twin blade window fans too.